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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Reunion Kita...

Salam my dear beloved friends...
May Allah accompany you throughout your life and ease your way... :-)
Just to remind you in case you forgotten...
Our 'date' on this 31st January 09...Below are the full information that you may need to include in your diary or planner... ;-)

Program: Reunion of batch 1999-2003 (M3 9th Generation)
Venue: Bangi (At one of our friends' house- remember Mahfuzah Hanisah? If not, you'd better come...)
Fee: RM 5 only (but you are welcome to pay more...)
Programs included: Taaruf, Meeting,Changing gift, Games (Please pay attention to the changing gift..you may need to find one if you did not have yet.. :-) *reminder for me actually...hehe)

Please don't feel shy or reserve...We love to see you all on that day...Let's start a new us! (^_^)
Please contact Aishah Asri (019-9769831) if you have accomodation or transportation problem. Also contact Munzirah Uzir (019-476 2775) if you forgot to confirm your attendance... ;-)
Just to quote back what Ummu Ammar said...
"Tiada ikatan yang lebih kuat dalam Ukhuwwah Islamiyyah selain ikatan cinta yang didasarkan pada aqidah Islam "

Let us pray that this event will be bless by Him and counted as a part of our 'ibadah...
p/s: Please pass around this message to those who did not get it. I may not have all the email addresses of all our friends. Thank you in advance!
Kamilah Sabary

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